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Chris, Rania, and Vintel wine classes

Chris Kelly and Rania Zayyat, come on to talk about the cycle of class that they have been planning and hosting.  This serves as a conduit to much delicious conversation, such as the ins and outs of rosé, orange wine, transparency in wine, and the wonder women of wine.  Chris and Rania are knowledgeable, fun, and an essential part of the Austin wine scene!

A Wine Bar with Style: Aviary Wine and Kitchen

Aviary Wine Bar and Kitchen just re-opened after a remodel and extensive over-haul with expanded kitchen and seating.  Marco Fiorilo, owner, and Alex Bell, beverage director, come on the show to talk about how they are connecting with the Austin public.  Their wine list tries to bring guests out of their comfort zones, experiment with new wines, and learn a little something new (wines from Macedonia?).  Plus, they have just launched the Aviary Wine School which features humorous and enticing themed classes for every level, such as Skin on Skin (Orange wine class).  We couldn't talk about it on the show, but their prices are really good, too!  Check them out!

Introducing Guild: A new Austin Restaurant

Stuart Thomajan, owner of the Chameleon Group, and Sterling Ridings, Chef and Partner, come on the show to talk about the highly anticipated opening of Guild.  The Chameleon group is responsible for the Austin dining hot spots Swift's Attic and Wu Chow, and with early March as the slated opening date, Guild will fill the niche of top-notch seafood.  Chef Ridings gets to spread his wings and break boundaries, and the seafood friendly wine list and extensive cold bar will quickly become an Austin staple! 

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StarChefs: Rising Stars of Austin and San Antonio

Managing Editor of StarChefs, Will Blunt, and Steven Dilley, featured Sommelier and owner of Bufalina Pizzaria, come on the show to talk about the upcoming Rising Stars awards on Dec 13th.  We talk all about the Cava and Caviar reception, the challenges of pairing wines with 18 different dishes from all the featured chefs and culinary innovators, and what it means for a national publication to be highlighting the food scene of Austin and San Antonio!  Proceeds go to the Austin Food and Wine Alliance!

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Special Thanksgiving Call-In Show!

I welcome sommeliers Rania Zayyat and Chris Kelly on the show to field Thanksgiving wine questions from the Austin public and beyond.  Rania and Chris have tons of experience in top Austin restaurants and breakdown their classic turkey pairings as well as some non-traditional ones that might bring us out of our comfort zone.  How does smoking vs deep frying vs roasting a turkey change the pairing?  Check out the show for their commentary, and here are some producers and wines that they recommend:

Rania and Chris's consulting company:

Wine recommendations we talk about: Riesling- A.J. Adam, Julian Haart, Fritz Haag, Willi Schaefer.

Gewürztraminer: Domaine Ostertag and Domaine Weinbach from Alsace

Moscato d'Asti: La Spinetta 'Bricco Quaglia'

Bugey-Cerdon: Patrick Bottex, sparkling red (delish)

Piedmont: GD Vajra Rosso & Langhe Nebbiolo, Roagna Dolcetto d'Alba

Northern Rhone: Andrea Calek 'Babiole', Franck Balthazar, Hervé Souhaut Syrah and Gamay

Texas Wines: William Chris Pét-Nat, Doug Lewis Tempranillo, Cruz de Comal, Calais Roussanne

Vin de Liquor: Macvin du Jura: Jean-François Ganevat & François Rousset-Martin

First Plates 2017 with Brandon Watson

Brandon Watson, Austin Chronicle Food Editor, joins us for a discussion of their annual First Plates edition, in which Brandon maps out the top 100 restaurants in Austin today.  He shares some wonderful info on trends in the industry, hot spot neighborhoods, and some of his favorite spots that are provide amazing food and comfort!

Pizza, Wine, and Vibrant Flavors

Steven Dilley, owner of Bufalina, and Murph Willcott, owner of Texas French Bread, come on the show to talk all things pizza and the Austin restaurant scene.  These guys are lovers of vibrant wine made by real people, growers that we can get behind and support.  Beaujolais, Muscadet, Burgundy, and the new wave of California producers are such highlights!

Emmer and Rye's Kevin Fink and Rand Egbert

This is a terrific episode featuring owner and chef of Emmer and Rye in Austin, Kevin Fink, and general manager Rand Egbert.  They're talking about the the South by Southwest food events as well how they push the bar of local cuisine on a regular basis at the restaurant.  Daily menu changes depending on what fresh and delicious coming in, heirloom grains, whole animal butchery, small plates, dim sum, and so much more are at the heart of their operation.  Enjoy!

Adam Orman from L'Oca D'Oro and LaSaan Georgeson

In this week's episode, we meet Adam Orman, managing partner of the Italian restaurant, L'Oca D'Oro.  Adam has been in the restaurant world for many years, working in some top wine spots in New York, San Fransisco, and now Austin.  He tells us of the philosophy of the wine and food menus, a focus on open flame grilling, heirloom ingredients, and the restaurant's mandatory gratuity to give their employees a livable wage.  Also, we hear from LaSaan Georgeson, and her upcoming music and wine pairing festival.  We get a taste of the bands playing and have some fun exploring some music and wine pairings.  Finally, we hear from the editors of Slow Wine about their 2017 guide and the industry event they were putting on in Austin. (we will have another episode of expanded coverage on this event!)

Daniela Marcone and her Andiamo Italiano, plus an update from the Texas Wine Country

Daniela Marcone owns the Italian restaurant Andiamo in Austin, TX.  They don't prescribe to any regional cuisine in particular but more so focus on what is fresh and in season in Austin, though Daniela is from Napoli.  The wine list is all Italian with a focus on small producers with organic and biodynamic philosophies.  In the last 15 minutes we get an update from the Texas winery William Chris; how the 2016 harvest is shaping up, and their movement on 100% grown Texas wines called the Texas Wine Revolution.  Enjoy!

Transformation through Fermentation

Murph Wilcott, owner of Texas French Bread in Austin, comes on the show to talk about various philosophies in the world of food and wine.  Heirloom varieties of grain and grape, natural vs cultivated yeast strains, and various production practices that add flavor are all heavily debated in our industry.  However, when we strive for unique character and soul in our wine and food, we touch something deeper in our human experience.

Kristi Willis, food writer and blogger, talks new restaurant openings and much more

Kristi Willis is a local food and wine writer in Austin.  She knows what's goin on in the restaurant world and gets her words out in Edible Austin, Culture Map, and Austin Women's Magazine.  She's also quite active on her blogs: Appetite for Texas, Bubbles and Boots, and her upcoming podcast, Dishing Austin.