French Wine

Bordeaux with Michel and Marla

Michel and Marla are the wonderful people behind and, they have an incredible selection and well-priced offerings of French wine ( really, wine from around the world) and particularly Bordeaux through their online store. Additionally, they take customers several times a year to Bordeaux to visit iconic properties that you wouldn’t be able to see without “knowing someone.” We dig into so many hot topics in the Bordeaux wine industry, from tourism to consultants and international investors and so much more. Finally, to start off the episode, I provide some thoughts on collecting wine. (Skip to 6:52 to start right at the interview).

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

Bandol Explained with Ch. Vannières

On today's show, we're joined by Eric Boisseaux, owner of Ch. Vannières, and Laurent Michit, from the importer H. Mercer Imports.  We really dig into the tiny region of Bandol, which is right on the Mediterranean coast in between Marseilles and Nice.  I learned a ton and I really love these wines.  Big reds with a minimum of 50% Mourvedre, structured and complex rosés, and a little white wine as well.  Bandol and lamb is one of my favorite pairings, hope you can try it with a nice glass of Vannières!

Henri Boillot and the Purity of White Burgundy

On today's show, we talk with a top white Burgundy producer, Henri Boillot, about all the ins and outs of making Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the Côtes de Beaune.  He talks about the growing occurrence of "premox," or Premature Oxidation, where white Burgundy will be dead and oxidized after only 3-4 years in bottle.  He claims this is due to over-ripe fruit, new barrels, and most of all, the common practice of lees stirring.  Plus, climate change, succession planning, and so much more.  Big thanks to Michel Thibault and Marla Norman for translating and providing additional commentary.

Find more info on his wine here:

Michel Thibault and Marla Norman

Michel and Marla are the husband-wife team behind Michel Thibault Wine, which specializes in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and some select producers from Italy and the US.  We dig into French wine, the Bordeaux Futures campaign, their travel business and so much more.  Incredibly knowledgeable and down to earth, Michel and Marla give may tidbits to savor.

Nicolas Rossignol, the Terroirist of Volnay

Nicolas joins us in the KOOP studios to talk about making wine in Burgundy.  Nico is part of the new generation of excellent Burgundy winemakers and makes 13 wines from excellent vineyards in Volnay, Pommard, Savigny-les-Beaune, and Pernand Vergelesses.  His passion for Pinot Noir really comes through, and he has quite the affinity for the no-nonsense Texas way of life.

Patrick Baudouin, winegrower and scholar of Chenin Blanc

Patrick Baudouin is descendant of several generations of wine growers in Anjou, the Loire Valley, and has been making wine for 26 years.  He tells us of his research into the origins of Chenin Blanc and explains the diverse styles, from the bone-dry Savennières to the sweet and noble Quartes de Chaume.  He also explains his wine making of natural yeasts, really long fermentations,  low sulfur, and so much more.  I could listen to this man for hours! &

Michel Parisot 'Chef de Cave' at Champagne Montaudon

The 'Chef de Cave' is so much more than simply a winemaker.  With so many permutations of vintages, grape varieties, and vineyards, many consider the blending of Champagne to be the most difficult in the industry (along with Port).  Michel is in charge of all operations along with working with hundreds of growers in the Montaudon winery in the Côte des Bar in the South of Champagne.  There's something in here for everyone, from expert to folks just starting to learn about the intricacies of this magical region!