Special Earth Day Episode!

In celebration of upcoming Earth Day, I'm joined live with John Hoffner, host of KOOP's own Shades of Green, to discuss how the wine industry affects the earth we live in.  We delve into manyenvironmental issues, such as the impact of growing grapes, making wine, and packaging.  John helps us put it into context with other industries and adds a wonderful new voice to the show, don't miss it!

Live Fire! the Beef Centric Event

Catch an in depth description of the food and wine event happening in Austin on April 6th, Live Fire!  Mariam Parker, Exec Director of the Austin Food and Wine Alliance, comes into the studio to tells us all about the amazing chefs coming from all over Texas, and the awesome idea to pair Rosé with beef, and so much more!  Check it out, http://austinfoodwinealliance.org/2017-live-fire/

Willamette Valley Vineyards and sustainable growth

Managing Director, Christine Collier, and Brand Ambassador, Mikayla Pope, come on the show to talk about the unique history of the Willamette Valley Vineyards and the Oregon wine industry as a whole.  They have a unique business model of being publicly traded and owned by all of their investors.  They have grown to be the largest winery in the Willamette Valley; however, they still do small lot fermentations, harvest tiny parcels separately, and are growing in a very sustainable way.  We talk Pinot, Rosé, their new Sparkling program, and so much more!

Pizza, Wine, and Vibrant Flavors

Steven Dilley, owner of Bufalina, and Murph Willcott, owner of Texas French Bread, come on the show to talk all things pizza and the Austin restaurant scene.  These guys are lovers of vibrant wine made by real people, growers that we can get behind and support.  Beaujolais, Muscadet, Burgundy, and the new wave of California producers are such highlights!

Emmer and Rye's Kevin Fink and Rand Egbert

This is a terrific episode featuring owner and chef of Emmer and Rye in Austin, Kevin Fink, and general manager Rand Egbert.  They're talking about the the South by Southwest food events as well how they push the bar of local cuisine on a regular basis at the restaurant.  Daily menu changes depending on what fresh and delicious coming in, heirloom grains, whole animal butchery, small plates, dim sum, and so much more are at the heart of their operation.  Enjoy!

Truth in Labeling TX Wine

Chris Brundrett (William Chris Vineyards) and Rae Wilson (Wine for the People) come on the show to talk about the proposed HB1514 that makes wine labeled as Texas to be 100% from Texas grapes.  This makes the law more strict than the Federal TTB requirement of 75%.  Join us for the full discussion.

To sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/support-texas-wine-industry-pass-hb-1514-truth-in-labeling-act

Slow Wine comes through Austin, TX

The 2017 Slow Wine Tour of the US stopped in Austin, TX on Jan 30th.  They were also spreading the word in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York.  In this show, we'll hear from the organizers Giancarlo Gariglio and Jonathan Gebser, as well as a handful of producers who are doing amazing things off the beaten path; Gavi, Dogliani, Lake Guarda, Lambrusco, and Mount Etna to name a few.  We truly get the sense of "Good, Clean, and Fair!"

Patrick Baudouin, winegrower and scholar of Chenin Blanc

Patrick Baudouin is descendant of several generations of wine growers in Anjou, the Loire Valley, and has been making wine for 26 years.  He tells us of his research into the origins of Chenin Blanc and explains the diverse styles, from the bone-dry Savennières to the sweet and noble Quartes de Chaume.  He also explains his wine making of natural yeasts, really long fermentations,  low sulfur, and so much more.  I could listen to this man for hours!

www.beckywasserman.com & patrick-baudouin.com

Adam Orman from L'Oca D'Oro and LaSaan Georgeson

In this week's episode, we meet Adam Orman, managing partner of the Italian restaurant, L'Oca D'Oro.  Adam has been in the restaurant world for many years, working in some top wine spots in New York, San Fransisco, and now Austin.  He tells us of the philosophy of the wine and food menus, a focus on open flame grilling, heirloom ingredients, and the restaurant's mandatory gratuity to give their employees a livable wage.  Also, we hear from LaSaan Georgeson, and her upcoming music and wine pairing festival.  We get a taste of the bands playing and have some fun exploring some music and wine pairings.  Finally, we hear from the editors of Slow Wine about their 2017 guide and the industry event they were putting on in Austin. (we will have another episode of expanded coverage on this event!)

Local Cider and Saké producers

This week on the show we interview James Sutton from Austin Eastciders and Jeff Bell from TX Saké company.  Austin Eastciders has be blowing up, they've moved to a larger facility on the South East side and will be soon opening a tap room.  Jeff from TX Saké tells us all about the saké making process and how they use all American ingredients to craft a TX saké.  He also shares some cocktail recipes, which I've listed below.

Mango,Habanero, Cilantro makes 6 cocktails


4 Tbls Chopped fresh ciltantro

1.5 Tsp Chopped fresh habanero (Add to taste)

Add 1 Chopped ripe large mango

Muddle til paste



2 Tbls of Mango Mix

3 oz Texas Sake Junmai

1/2 oz. Lemon Juice

1/2 oz Simple Syrup (add if mango is not as ripe)

Shake in cocktail glass with ice.

Serve with Cilantro garnish.


Basil, Cucumber, Ginger


4 Tbls Fresh basil 

1 Tbls Fresh ground ginger 

Add 1 Whole chopped skinned and seeded cucumber

Muddle til cucumber is crushed



2 Tbls of Cucumber Mix

3 oz Texas Sake Junmai

1/2 oz Lime juice

1/2 oz Simple syrup

Shake in cocktail glass with ice.

Serve with lime slice or zest twist.

Sergio Cuadra dispells myths around the TX wine industry

Sergio is head winemaker at Fall Creek Vineyards and came to TX after a career of making wine in Chile.  We talk about the challenges of growing grapes in a warm climate and how the vines adapt to produce wines you wouldn't expect.  Sergio talks of his experience of making wine in TX, how the soil and site make all the difference, as well as why the winemaker must stay on his or her toes during harvest.

The Christmas Special Blind Tasting, TX vs the World

Wow, we're in the thick of the holidays with everybody looking for gifts for their family members, bosses, colleagues, customers, and loved ones.  I decided to put a couple of the top scoring wines with the Texas Wine Journal, up against some heavy hitting wines from around the world (thanks to Southern Glazers for providing),  Listen in to hear how the Texas wines fared against their foreign counterparts.  Happy holidays, y'all!