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Crossing of Podcast Worlds with Mike G plus the Texas Wine Revolution!

Mike G and his podcast Show de Vie dig into the spirits world and all the colorful personalities behind the hard stuff.  We cross paths on his 226th episode and my 130th-ish, to talk about so many intersections of what we do, the podcasting industry, all of our great experiences, and so much more.  Plus, we kick off the show with a 10 minute discussion with Kate Shelley, organizer of the Texas Wine Revolution, a festival held out at Horseshoe Bay which focuses on 100% Texas Grown and Made rosé wine!  Check it all out!

New Braunfels Brewing Company and wine-oriented beers!

Kelly Meyer, owner of New Braunfels Brewing Co., brewer Nathan Rice, and beer expert Justin Chamberlain, come on the show to talk about their beers that blur the border of beer and wine.  Their Sur Lie program, beers that they age over different sorts of wine yeast, has captured the attention of collectors and aficionados, and we taste 6 different releases aged over different wine lees.  These guys are pushing the bar of what beer can do in terms of food pairings, complexity, and bringing beer to a broader wine-loving community.  Proust!

Truth in Labeling TX Wine

Chris Brundrett (William Chris Vineyards) and Rae Wilson (Wine for the People) come on the show to talk about the proposed HB1514 that makes wine labeled as Texas to be 100% from Texas grapes.  This makes the law more strict than the Federal TTB requirement of 75%.  Join us for the full discussion.

To sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/support-texas-wine-industry-pass-hb-1514-truth-in-labeling-act