The most innovative wine tastings in Austin

The Illuminated Bottle does not have a single location but pops up all over Austin in various restaurants and venues that enhance the wine tasting experience.  If you cannot get a group together to enjoy one of our private in-home classes, we’re sure that one of the public tastings will give you a wonderful chance to learn about the subject being presented as well as meet other wine lovers in Austin.  Of course, all of these events follows Mark’s philosophy of comparative tasting of carefully selected wines that highlight very specific concepts within the world of wine.


Mark’s classes mix science, agriculture, history, art, and culture to give our members an interesting overview of the beautiful wines he chooses to share and discuss. From our wine experts to our novices, everyone walks away feeling as though they’ve learned something valuable.
— Peggy Hanley, Executive Director of the Wine and Food Foundation of Texas

I now know how to tell if a bottle is corked (bad). And, I’m confident buying a more expensive bottle because I can define what kinds of wine I like as well as what pairs best with the meal.
— Shannon Rashap, Wife