slow wine

Slow Wine comes through Austin, TX

The 2017 Slow Wine Tour of the US stopped in Austin, TX on Jan 30th.  They were also spreading the word in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York.  In this show, we'll hear from the organizers Giancarlo Gariglio and Jonathan Gebser, as well as a handful of producers who are doing amazing things off the beaten path; Gavi, Dogliani, Lake Guarda, Lambrusco, and Mount Etna to name a few.  We truly get the sense of "Good, Clean, and Fair!"

Adam Orman from L'Oca D'Oro and LaSaan Georgeson

In this week's episode, we meet Adam Orman, managing partner of the Italian restaurant, L'Oca D'Oro.  Adam has been in the restaurant world for many years, working in some top wine spots in New York, San Fransisco, and now Austin.  He tells us of the philosophy of the wine and food menus, a focus on open flame grilling, heirloom ingredients, and the restaurant's mandatory gratuity to give their employees a livable wage.  Also, we hear from LaSaan Georgeson, and her upcoming music and wine pairing festival.  We get a taste of the bands playing and have some fun exploring some music and wine pairings.  Finally, we hear from the editors of Slow Wine about their 2017 guide and the industry event they were putting on in Austin. (we will have another episode of expanded coverage on this event!)