sonoma coast

Pinot and Tacos: Expression Wines

Kevin O'Brien, GM of Expression Wines and Prime Solum, tells the story of how Bill Hill plants vineyards that become super famous, such as Gaps Crown and Zena Crown.  We dig into the Sonoma Coast, the "Deep End" of Anderson Valley, and the Eola Amity Hills of Oregon.  Steve Alley from the Sorting Table chimes in to describe these wines and how the Texas Market has been receiving them.  Also, we hear about Broken Rock Ranch in Napa and so much more!  Pinot meets TX tacos, what could be better!

Jasmine Hirsch, a Long History of Pinot Noir on Sonoma Coast

Jasmine Hirsch comes on the show to share the history of her family's vineyard.  David Hirsch, Jasmine's father, planted his vineyard in 1980 two miles from the ocean, the first on the Sonoma Coast, so he could have someplace to hear himself think.  Now, Hirsch Pinot Noirs are some of the most acclaimed in all of California.  Jasmine talks of the early days and growing up on the "ranch," as well as her current role and the direction of the winery.  I am so happy to be able to share these stories.