Blanc du Bois

Texas Wine Month: January Wiese and Lewis Dickson

We kick off our coverage of October as Texas Wine Month with January Wiese, Executive Director of the Hill Country Wineries Association.  Then, we hear from Lewis Dickson, and how he is producing some magical 100% Estate wines from his vineyard in Canyon Lake, just west of New Braunfels.  Lewis is a staunch proponent of natural or "hands off" winemaking, never adding yeast, sulfites, enzymes, or anything.  We learn about the path he's taken to focusing on the two Texas hybrid grapes, Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish, and how wine should be the whole film, not just a snapshot. 

The Texas Wine Journal talks the Hybrid Varieties of Texas

We continue celebrating Texas Wine Month with a comprehensive tasting of the hybrid varieties that are most prospective in the Lone Star State.  We explore the diverse styles of Blanc du Bois, from Sparkling to Sweet and Fortified, with it's bright acidity and pretty aromatics.  We also tackle the historic Black Spanish, also known as, Jacquez and Lenoir, with its screaming acidity and gamey characteristics.  Norton gets a few minutes at the end!  Enjoy!