Meet Mark

Mark Rashap is a Certified Wine Educator (CWE) and Director of Wine Education for the Wine and Food Foundation of TX in Austin.  Additionally, he consults and teaches privately for various distributors, brokers, and restaurant chains.  Coming from a varied background starting in Argentina studying wine business, to making and brokering wine in Washington State, and working as a staff educator for a large Texas retailer, Mark most recently worked for the certifying body, The Society of Wine Educators.  Continuously, writing, giving classes and webinars, and having his finger on the pulse of the international wine scene, he believes that teaching the curious and thirsty public is the most gratifying aspect of the industry.  He is also the producer, engineer, and host of the radio show and podcast, Another Bottle Down, on KOOP 91.7 bringing his philosophy and open-minded views to the Austin radio waves.