Jasmine Hirsch, a Long History of Pinot Noir on Sonoma Coast

Jasmine Hirsch comes on the show to share the history of her family's vineyard.  David Hirsch, Jasmine's father, planted his vineyard in 1980 two miles from the ocean, the first on the Sonoma Coast, so he could have someplace to hear himself think.  Now, Hirsch Pinot Noirs are some of the most acclaimed in all of California.  Jasmine talks of the early days and growing up on the "ranch," as well as her current role and the direction of the winery.  I am so happy to be able to share these stories.

Celebrating Texas Wine Month with the Texas Fine Wine Group

What better way to celebrate Texas Wine Month than with three leading producers, Ron Yates of Spicewood Vineyards, Fredrick Osterberg of Pedernales Cellars, and Dave Reilley of Duchman Family Winery.  These wineries along with Brennan and Bending Branch make up the Texas Fine Wine Group which share a philosophy of producing wines made from grapes best suited to Texas.  We hear what varieties they are producing and experimenting with as well as stories from the 2016 harvest!

Virginia Willcock, Chief Winemaker of Vasse Felix, talks Margaret River

Virginia Willcock has been making wine for Margaret River's first winery, Vasse Felix, for 10 years.  She has been making some of Australia's best Chardonnay is really pushing the bar on Cabernet Sauvignon.  She tells us all about all that she is doing in this exciting region; native fermentations, focus on Malbec and Petite Verdot for blending with Cab Sauv, and so much more!

Rae Wilson bets on Texas Rosé

Rae Wilson has been in the Austin wine industry since 2005, made wine in California and Portugal, and currently consults for restaurants and other industry entities.  She says that her quest to fully complete the circle has lead her to plant a vineyard and make wine here in Texas.  She is in her second year of producing the Dandy Rosé and her vineyard will be producing viable fruit come next year.

Michel Parisot 'Chef de Cave' at Champagne Montaudon

The 'Chef de Cave' is so much more than simply a winemaker.  With so many permutations of vintages, grape varieties, and vineyards, many consider the blending of Champagne to be the most difficult in the industry (along with Port).  Michel is in charge of all operations along with working with hundreds of growers in the Montaudon winery in the Côte des Bar in the South of Champagne.  There's something in here for everyone, from expert to folks just starting to learn about the intricacies of this magical region!

Marc Hochar of Chateau Musar in Lebanon

Marc Hochar is third generation of the most acclaimed winery in Lebanon.  His family's wines have attracted a very loyal following of wine lovers searching for unique flavors and incredibly age worthy wines, both red and white.  Marc tells us of the history of his family, the landscape of Lebanese wine growing, and the traditional nature of their winemaking (or non-winemaking in their "hands off" philosophy).

Penny Adams, the first female winemaker in Texas

In honor of break break and Women's History Month, we interview Penny Adams, who is now in charge of winemaking at Wedding Oak Winery in San Sabba, TX.  Penny tells us of her long history of growing grapes in Texas, working as a consultant and for Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, and the evolution of the Texas grape growing industry.

Francesco di Filippis on Biodynamics

Francesco is partner and wine grower at Cosimo Maria Masini.  He is a PhD in organic and biodynamic farming and is very proud to share with all that they do on the estate in the Chianti Region of Italy.  He shows off his Trebbiano, orange wine, Sangiovese, and Vin Santo!